NDK Load-in and Load-out

Please register below for NDK 2019 Storage Load-in and Load-out.

The current plan is:

  • Thursday, August 22: 12:00 pm (noon): Meet at NDK Storage and load the trucks. Yes, there will be 2 trucks so we don’t have to go back again!
  • The First Truck needs to be loaded with mostly tubs, boxes, and grid-wall (grid-wall first!) The second truck will include the big equipment for Main Events.
  • There will be an order that we load in this year, due to the time constraints with rooms.
  • Take both trucks to the hotel, and unload Truck #1 via the Plaza Tower Dock down to Registration and Earth Krewe Office
  • Return Truck #2 to rental location after load-in is complete. We will park Truck #1 in the assigned space
  • Friday morning, get into Truck #1 and load out the grid-wall directly into the Art Show Room.
  • For Load out, we are trying a timed department approach. Each department will be given the time that they are expected to break down. Logistics and Volunteers will be available to assist each area as they break down, but each area will need to bring all of their items to the staging area in the hallway behind Main Events. All staff members are expected to help with their department’s load-out.
  • If the timed approach works as expected, we should have a full truckload ready to leave on Sunday evening at 5:00pm. People who wish to do the first storage run on Sunday night will be back by 8:00 PM when the Dead Dog party starts, and will not miss any of the fun.
  • While the first run is being unloaded at the storage unit, we will continue breaking down areas until 7:00 stacking things into the Staging area.