NDK Load-in and Load-out

Please register below for NDK 2021 Storage Load-in and Load-out.

Load In Planning

  • Thursday, September 2nd: 12:00 pm (noon): Meet at NDK Storage and load the trucks. There will be two trucks, and we hope we won’t need to go back again.
  • The First Truck needs to be loaded with mostly tubs, boxes, and grid-wall (grid-wall first!) The second truck will include the big equipment for Main Events and as much pipe and drape as needed.  Use the lift gated truck.
  • Take both trucks to the hotel to the awesome new docks.  Unload into the back of Registration.

Load Out Planning

  • Just link in previous years, we’ll start taking things down at the convention starting at 1 pm on Sunday.
  • If we can have a truck filled by around 4 pm, we’ll make one load to storage Sunday night.
  • Finally, we’ll complete load everything Monday Morning starting at 10 am (when we can get to the dock) and continue until complete.

Sunday Timeline and Map

Load out plan is for people to show up in the back of Registration at 1pm to be deployed to departments to help pack up and bring items back.
We plan to have access to the trucks and to be loading them up as we can, hopefully able to do a run around 4pm (2019 we left around 4:30pm)
Colors correspond to locations on the map.