Our panels feature a large number of different subjects including Japanese culture, games, comedy, and historic events. We welcome your attendance at every panel, but please be warned that panel rooms can fill up quickly. We’ve implemented several rules in order to give both attendees and panelists the fairest chance of having a positive experience.

  • Panel rooms will be cleared after every panel.
  • Attendees will be required to show a badge to gain entry to a panel. We are unable to hold spots in line for attendees without their badges, so please make sure to keep your badge with you.
  • Lines for all panels will begin when the previous panel line has been let into the room.  In the case of the first panel of the day, the line will form 1 hour before it starts.  Attendees will be brought into the room in the order you arrive.
  • Please be aware that panel lines are located outside of the panel hallway, and that a Panel Pass for the room may be needed to enter.
  • Panel overflow lines may be located on the floor below the start of the panel lines.
  • If you have any questions, please ask one of the orange vested staff members in the panel area.

 18+ Panels

Some of NDK’s programming is for adults only, and can feature adult material and subjects. These panels are strictly 18+, and require a valid physical photo ID with your age on it to enter. We can’t accept pictures of ID’s, High School Diplomas, texts from your mom swearing you’re 18, or Blockbuster membership cards. 

 Panel Passes

We provide these passes as a way of reserving a spot in a panel without staying in line as long. They’re available from the panel pass pickup table located near the panel hall.

  1. Show up when the line would normally begin for the panel. The orange vested staff member for the con will give you a pass.
  2. This pass reserves your access to the panel up until the panel begins.
  3. Please remember to hand in your pass when you enter the panel!

 Main Events Lines & Overflow Tickets 

In cases where the line into Main Events gets too large to allow everyone to line up ahead of time, groups of individuals will be given a color coded ticket to represent their virtual spot in the line.  Groups will then be asked to meet in a different location, and will be brought over as a larger group by Line Control when the line is cleared from the previous group(s).