Our panels this year feature a large number of different subjects including Japanese culture, games, comedy, and historic events. We welcome your attendance at every panel, but please be warned that panel rooms can fill up quickly, especially for popular panels. We’ve implemented several rules in order to give both attendees and panelists the fairest chance of having a positive experience.

  • Panel rooms will be cleared after every panel.
  • Attendees will be required to show a badge to gain entry to a panel. We will be unable to hold spots in line for attendees without their badges, so please make sure to carry your badge at all times.
  • Lines for all panels will begin when the previous panel line has been let into the room.  In the case of the first panel of the day, the line will form 1 hour before it starts.  Attendees will be brought into the room in the order you are lined up in.
  • Please be aware that some panel lines are in different areas of the hotel, and that a Panel Room Pass for the room may be needed to enter as well as showing your badge.
  • Panel Room Passes for all Plaza Panel Rooms will be available at the table across from the hallway to the panel rooms as indicated on the Convention Map
  • Attendees near the end of the line may not make it into the room, depending on the number of seats reserved for ADA and guests of that panel.
  • The Panel Room Pass system is also used to avoid cases of line-skippers and line-jumpers.  Please be sure to turn in your pass at the front of your room as you are let in!