Video Game Room Tournaments:

No Tournament Sign-Up

If you want to join a tournament just come in when the tournament starts so we can check your badge, and collect a tournament token. Each token has a number, and those numbers are your ticket into the tournament! When you sit down to compete, you’ll slot up your token right there, and if you get beaten, you lose it. If you win, that token is your proof that you’re still in the tournament. Keep track of it! And don’t try trading it to your friends- even if we don’t catch you, the rest of the participants will.


We are sponsoring our usual number of special prizes this year: Best Video Game Art/Model, Best Video Game Costume, and Best Video Game Music Video. The winners get a Golden Joystick of their very own and some extra special prizes as well!

 Tournament Schedule for 2021

 Saturday’s Alright for Fighting!

Saturday, September 4th:

12:00pm Smash Ultimate 2v2

4:00pm My Hero One’s Justice 2

7:00pm Guilty Gear –Strive-

 Who’s Even Awake by Noon Anyway?

Sunday, September 5th:

12:00pm TBA

Please remember that there is no sign up for tournaments.  Get to the tournament center and the VGR Staff will check your badge and give you a numbered token!