Japanese Arcade

Welcome to NDK’s new and expanded Japanese Arcade, featuring two rooms located in NDK’s Gaming District; rooms Tower Court C&D. This year Arcadency and Boss Stage Arcade & Anime have teamed up to bring NDK the best in Japanese Arcade gaming!

Hours of Operation

Friday 10 am- 2 am
Saturday 8 am – 2 am
Sunday 8 am- 3 pm

Hours for Tournament:

Qualifiers rounds: Friday 12 pm – Saturday 10 pm
Tournament: Saturday 11 am until Saturday 10 am (estimate)

Room Rules

No Shoes = No Play (on the dance machines). We are not liable for injury resulting from failure to follow this rule.
No food or open container drinks near our equipment. Bottled liquids are acceptable.
Consumption of alcohol in our room is forbidden, even if the hotel says its OK.
All rules that apply to NDK apply to our room. Be courteous to other guests!

For more information about Japanese Arcade Tournament’s please see that page for details!