Gaming Dojo

Gaming Dojo

The Tabletop Gaming Dojo

Welcome to the Dojo’s third year! A Dojo is a hall or space for immersive learning or meditation in the field of martial arts. The term literally means “place of the Way” in Japanese. Our Dojo is a place where you can engage in the study of and practice Tabletop Gaming-Do, or “the way of tabletop gaming”. Our Gaming Sensei and Senpai are there to help you.

Come to the tabletop gaming Dojo to indulge in our vast library of games, learn new games through the demos, classes, and scheduled play, partake in the gaming tournaments, or just to have space to play games or RPGs of your own. Our staff can help you select a game and help you get set up and learn the rules if you would like. We can also help you find players if needed.

Hours of Operation

Friday: 10 am – Sunday 3 pm

 Scheduled Dojo Events


1pm – 7pm Earth Tau Demos. 

3pm – 5pm Love Live Sunshine the Board Game Demo presented by Japanime Games

5pm – 6pm  King of Tokyo Demo, practice, sign-up list for Saturday’s tournament.  

7pm – 8pm       Super Happy Fun Trivia Hour!

10pm – 12am    Dread! Role Playing Game


10am – 4pm Earth Tau Demos 

12pm Pokemon Tournament Sign-up

12:30pm Pokemon Tournament Start  (Tournament starts all decks have been checked)

3pm Chess Class 101

4pm Earth Tau Tournament Pre-Registration

5pm  Earth Tau Tournament Starts.

7pm  King Sized King of Tokyo Tournament.


10am – 2pm Earth Tau Demos

12pm-2pm Love Live Sunshine the Board Game Demo presented by Japanime Games

12pm Chess Class 101

Chess Class

Have you always wanted to learn Chess or do you know how to play but can’t seem to ever win? Well this is the class for you. Join Troy in this beginner’s chess class on how pieces move, the rules of the game, and basic chess theory.


This will be a Story Driven RPG using a loose variation of the rules of Dread (where instead of dice a Jenga tower is used). In the Dread system player characters are almost guaranteed to not survive the story. Ask a Dojo Sensei or Senpai for the Player Sign-up sheet.  Age 16+ recommended

Earth Tau

Come early on Friday and Saturday to learn how to play the head to head Superhero themed card game and prepare for the Saturday tournament!

Earth Tau! It’s time to clip on your cape and step into the knee high boots of Earth Tau. Join us for a demo of a new card game where you become a leader in the super community as the world tries to spin out around you. Do you have the superior tactics necessary to out maneuver your rivals and claim victory for yourself? Put your new skills to the test in our free Saturday tournament for a chance to win a copy of the game for yourself. So call your clone, round up your rogue’s gallery, and adjust that codpiece. Without you there is no tomorrow for Earth 6.28.

King-Sized King of Tokyo

Who will win this year’s Dojo giant sized Shoji piece trophy? Stop by the Dojo to learn how to play the game that will be featured Saturday night for the Dojo’s King Sized Tournament. 16 players with 4 alternates will be allowed (in case any of the first 16 are absent/tardy). Come compete to be the reigning Kaiju in IELLO’s dice driven game King of Tokyo. Sign up early because there is limited space. 

Pokémon UNOFFICIAL Trading Card Game Tournament  (Only Themed Decks allowed)

What is a “Theme Deck”? Theme decks are purchased as a preconstructed deck of 60 cards built around a central theme. These can contain a mix of cards and card types. The back of each theme deck package will contain a list of the cards included. Decks used in this tournament MUST be one of the unaltered, premade Theme Decks, aka Premade Theme Deck, by Hasbro/WoTC with exceptions*.  You can bring your own previously purchased Theme deck. Or you can purchase one at the convention while supplies last.  A printout/hardcopy list of all cards in the deck is required if you do not have the official box of the themed deck (which has the card list already on the back).  

*Banned Themed Deck Sets: Any of the World Championships Decks, Online Exclusive Theme Decks, Epic Collection Decks, League Battle Decks, EX Master Trainer Decks, or V  Battle Decks.

Super Happy Fun Trivia Hour!

Join in on the Dojo’s very first Trivia game as either a team or individually. Will it be Super? Will it be Happy? Will it be Fun? ….. Well, I don’t know. BUT it will definitely be an Hour…..give or take some amount of minutes.