The NDK Online Guide

Welcome to the NDK Guide.  The following pages are actually setup to provide the copy of a new project brought to you by your NDK Staff to replace Guidebook for 2019.

The content on the pages from this category will be used to feed the public Guide for NDK.

More information on this project as we get closer to the convention!  Assignments for who’s doing what’s left of the guide (outside of the Schedule API Data Entry) and the status of a page!  Change the status button to “green” and “O” when an item is complete!

Category Pages

Technical Information for The NDK Guide

In this section we’ll start filling out the Initial Technical information on the technology behind the guide, how its built and more.  Eventually this will be an entire set of pages in the Departments section of the RMAA Website.

The NDK Guide – An Ember.JS One Page Site

Eventual home (after testing is complete):

Mike, can you fill in this section when you have a chance?

How the NDK Guide lives on NDK Servers

An upload directory on the primary NDK server in the directory of /var/www/

Please use the user “ndkguide” and the password forwarded to upload via SFTP to this root directory.

DNS will be setup through CloudFlare, with CloudFlare caching for the content on this server.

Schedules API

2021 Schedule Build Update

Important note:  All new resource ID’s for 2021 use a new “venue_id”.  This is a hard coded value because as of yet, we didn’t need multiple ID’s.  Venue ID 2 is for the Gaylord.  Venue ID 1 is for the Plaza Hotel.  Venue ID 0 of all things is for storage.  The Venue ID is important and used for only one API call.  The Resources API down below. This allows you to get the rooms you want using a simple venue ID.

Schedule URL:

URL Breakdown (after /api/schedule/): /api/schedule/:event_ids/:resource_ids

All Main Events Room and Panel Schedule for 2021:

  • Breakdown /api/schedule/:event_ids/:resource_ids
    • Event ID’s: 15 (NDK 2021 Convention Operations) and 16 (NDK 2021 Events & Panels)
    • Resource ID’s: 31 (Main Events), 46 (Panel 1), 45 (Panel 2), 44 (Panel 3), 47 (Panel 4), 43 (Activity 1)

All Autograph Rooms Schedule:
Video Room Schedule:

All 2021Event ID’s:

event_id	event_name
15	NDK 2021 Convention Operations
16	NDK 2021 Events & Panels
17	NDK 2021 Video Schedule
18	NDK 2021 Gaming Schedule
19	NDK 2021 Autograph Signups
20	NDK 2021 Photoshoots

Resources URL:

All Panel and Main Events Room Resources:
All Autograph Room Resources:
All Photoshoot Areas:

All active Resource ID’s:

resource_id	title	venue_title
28	Exhibitors Hall	Aurora Exhibit Hall 3
29	Artists Alley	Aurora Exhibit Hall 2
30	Registration	Aurora Exhibit Hall 1
31	Main Events	Aurora Ballroom A
32	Autographs & Staging	Aurora Ballroom C
33	Gaming Dojo / Senjo - Live Gaming	Aurora Ballroom D
34	VGR & Japanese Arcade	Aurora Ballroom B
35	Storage Office	Valley 3
36	Video 1	Valley 1
37	Video 2	Valley 2
38	Museum & Press	Crest 1
39	Cosplay Triage	Crest 2
40	Sewing Room	Crest 3
41	Art Show	Crest 4
42	Model Show	Crest 5
43	Activity 1	Summit 1
44	Panel 3	Summit 2 & 3
45	Panel 2	Summit 4 & 5
46	Panel 1	Summit 6 & 7
47	Panel 4	Summit 8
48	Panel 5 (legacy)	Summit 9
49	Panel Office	Summit 10
50	Quiet Room	Summit 11
51	J-Pop Dance	Juniper Ballroom - Level 1
52	Cosplay Judging	Spruce 1 - Level 1
53	Press 2	Spruce 2 - Level 1
54	Grand Staircase	Grand Staircase
55	Torii Gate	Torii Gate
56	Waterfall Boulder	Waterfall Boulder
57	The Bridge	The Bridge
58	End of the Railroad	End of the Railroad
59	The Grotto	The Grotto
60	Caboose	Caboose
61	Cascading Waterfall	Cascading Waterfall
62	Lake Front	Lake Front
63	Chandelier	Chandelier
64	Other Location	Other Location - Offsite

A Full Display of everything using the Skynet Display Page (For onsite printing)

Historical Records: 2019 Schedule Build Update

Schedule URL:

All Main Events Room and Panel Schedule for 2019:
All Autograph Rooms Schedule:
Video Room Schedule:

All 2019 Event ID’s:

event_id	event_name
9	NDK 2019 Convention Operations
10	NDK 2019 Events & Panels
11	NDK 2019 Video Schedule
12	NDK 2019 Gaming Schedule - May not be in use this year
13	NDK 2019 Autograph Signups - May not be in use this year
14	NDK 2019 Photoshoots

Resources URL:

All Panel and Main Events Room Resources:
All Autograph Room Resources:
All Photoshoot Areas:

All active Resource ID’s:

resource_id	title	venue_title
1	Main Events	Plaza Ballroom
2	Panel Room 1	Governor's Square 15
3	Panel Room 2	Governor's Square 14
4	Panel Room 3	Governor's Square 12
5	Panel Room 4	Governor's Square 11
6	Activity Room 1	Governor's Square 10
7	Autograph	Director's Row J
8	Autograph 1	Director's Row I
9	Video 1	Governor's Square 17
10	Video 2	Governor's Square 16
11	Near Tower Elevators Photoshoot Area	Tower Plaza 2nd Floor
12	By Registration Photoshoot Area	Plaza Concourse C Level
13	Skybridge Photoshoot Area	Plaza Concourse C Level
14	VGR	Windows
19	Other Public Photoshoots	Offsite
20	Activity Room 2	Governors Square 9

Notes on the Schedule API Build

New for 2018 is a Schedules API.  For most folks on Staff this is rather unimportant, but for the Operational Technologies, Events, and Operations Departments this will hopefully improve both Data Sharing and Event Information flow for everyone this year!

The Schedules API is hosted at at a custom URL.

You can also change the end of the URL to:
  • The first 1 is the Venue ID, hard coded to 1 right now for Sheraton Denver Downtown.
  • The second 1 is the resource ID, 1 being Main Events
  • and the third string is for the display formats in case we need to change things up in the future.
You can also change the URL to
  • The first 1 is the Event ID (1 for NDK 2018)
  • The second 1 is for the Resource ID (1 is actually Main Events)
  • and the last string is the display type.  Only JSON is supported right now, but I wanted to make it flexible for later.