Professional Photography Vendors

Are you planning on selling photos that you take at NDK? If so, you need to purchase a Photography Vendor badge either online or at our Registration desk. This badge will mark you as a sanctioned vendor and will enable you to sell the photos you take at NDK without being stopped by NDK Staff. The price for the Photography Vendor add-on is $50.

If you Register as a Photography Vendor:

  • Your name and website of choice will be listed on our website under our approved photographers page
  • Approximately two weeks ahead of NDK, we will promote the list of our approved photographers on NDK’s social media
  • During the convention, your contact info will be made available to the public at our Registration and Operations desks, as well as available on our mobile convention guide.

To Register as a Photography Vendor:

First purchase a pre-registration badge on the NDK Website at
Second, use the form below to fill in all of the information!


You may purchase a Photography Vendor badge onsite during the convention at NDK Operations, located at the base of the escalators on the Concourse level of the Plaza building.

Please note that all photographers both freelance and professional must agree to the Photography Code of Conduct. Any person selling photos or prints without a Photography Vendor badge is in violation of NDK’s Exhibitor policy and will be removed from the convention on an immediate and permanent basis.