Greetings all of our wonderful staff!

Dead Dog Details

The 2017 NDK Dead Dog will be held starting at 8 pm until 11 pm in the Silver and Gold Conference Rooms on the Mezzanine above the Dealers Room on the Tower Side of the Hotel.

We’ll have treats, drinks, food and the annual staff gift.

To get into the event you’ll need your staff badge.  We’ll be checking people as they come in!

What to do until 8 pm…

Once you’re off shift, or your room or area is closed, ALL NDK STAFF become members of Logistics.  Report to your Area Head, or the Logistics Area Heads to help with moving us out of the hotel.

All items will be logged, inventoried and moved into the back of Main Events.  Please see Greg Crouse, Jarrod Lombardo, Kelsey Otis or Chris Lange for “reverse”-deployment details.

For Earth Krewe members, follow along in the #logistics channel for details!