Main Events. Photo by Chris Gilstrap.

Hey you!

Want to work at NDK? Or, perhaps you're a college student looking for real-world experience?

Want to work at the convention?
We're always excited to hear from anyone who wants to help us out at the premier anime convention of the Rockies. Is this you?

Staffers (aged 18+) are asked to volunteer for a minimum of 16 hours during the weekend, and have access to exclusive perks, rewards and year-round events as a thanks for their hard work. Senior convention staff work all year to make NDK happen.

Volunteers can work as much or as little as they'd like at the convention, and will earn swag or even a free future badge along the way.

Interested? Let us know!
Want to intern for college credit?
Internships for RMAA can be year-round for communications, journalism or computer science students, or (provided the college is willing) can be arranged to occur mostly at NDK itself for a variety of relevant degrees.

If you are a current student or Internship coordinator and would like more information, please contact us!
Want more information about college scholarships?
We are currently exploring accredited institutions and possible requirements for establishing an academic scholarship.

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