Jeremy at NDK NYE 2011. Photo by A. Jinnie McManus.

Board of Directors

NDK has nearly 300 staff members, governed by our Executive Director and Board of Directors. Need to contact the Directors? Do so by department.

Amanda Liebermann
Executive Director, CFO

Tara O’Neil, President
Director of Marketing
Director of Art

Rex Hiltermann, Vice President
Director of Public Safety
Co-Director of Staff

Jeremy Pieta, Co-Secretary
Director of Hospitality
Director of Technology
Co-Director of Staff

Kelly O’Neil, Member at Large
Director of Merchandise
Co-Director of Staff

John S. Walker, Member at Large
Director of Events

Scott Peterson, Member at Large
Area Head of Merchandise
Area Head of Anime Music Videos
Area Head of Storage
Jesse Wehling, Member at Large
Co-Director of Guest Services, Director of Industry, Culture, and Convention Outreach
Area Head, Away Team
Guy Davis, Member at Large
Area Head, Volunteers